• If Digitalisation is the answer, what was the question?

    6. oktober 2020 av

    A lot has been written and said about digitalisation. And one can expect that more will be written, and even more will be said. Talkers, writers and doers – all are needed simultaneously, some probably more than others. So, what is it with digitalisation? My own brain-exploding realisation was triggered by the term “Digital Divide”… Les mer

  • The never ending journey

    28. september 2020 av

    Eighteen years ago, after the summer of 2002, I started a very exciting journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence. It was August the 19th, a Monday in the year 2002 when at 07:00 I started taking my first class in the Faculty of Physics and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Veracruz. Last week,… Les mer

  • … And It Must Be Coded in C!

    11. august 2020 av

    C is a powerful and amazingly fast programming language. Still, the most impressive feature it has is the ability and the speed it can empty a room full of developers when who-take-the-decisions says: “… and it must be coded in C!” I honestly don’t understand this “fear” of C and why universities are adopting other… Les mer

  • My Journey Into Programming Languages

    6. august 2020 av

    My name is Hugo, and I have a long journey “coding the possible and also the impossible” already behind me. So, I decided to tell my story and adventures using programming languages to touch upon various impressions and learnings but trying not to judge what is better or worst. Tricks, insights, good and bad practices… Les mer

  • Norway’s First AI Strategy

    23. januar 2020 av

    Last Tuesday, 14th January 2020, was a big day for the Norwegian IT sector as the government’s national strategy for artificial intelligence was presented at a breakfast meeting at MESH, central Oslo. Over 160 people from business, academia and the public sector participated in the launch, as well as many who followed the event online.… Les mer

  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Exploring the use of Multisensorial VR experiences for campaign development

    15. januar 2020 av

    We want to start this year by sharing a really fun assignment that we delivered last week. This was part of the course Digital Marketing in the Executive MBA program at BI. The assignment instructions were something like this: Develop a digital marketing strategy that capitalizes on a virtual reality multisensory experience for a brand… Les mer

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