Taking Google-DeepMind’s NFNet model for a quick ride

A few days ago, DeepMind announced their release of NFNets, a family of image classification models that are: State of the art on ImageNet (86.5% top-1 without extra data) Up to 8.7x faster to train than EfficientNets to a given accuracy Normalizer-free (no BatchNorm!) Paper: http://dpmd.ai/06171 Code: http://dpmd.ai/nfnets Has more than 438.4 million parameters The… Les mer

If Digitalisation is the answer, what was the question?

A lot has been written and said about digitalisation. And one can expect that more will be written, and even more will be said. Talkers, writers and doers – all are needed simultaneously, some probably more than others. So, what is it with digitalisation? My own brain-exploding realisation was triggered by the term “Digital Divide”… Les mer

Digital Marketing Strategy: Exploring the use of Multisensorial VR experiences for campaign development

We want to start this year by sharing a really fun assignment that we delivered last week. This was part of the course Digital Marketing in the Executive MBA program at BI. The assignment instructions were something like this: Develop a digital marketing strategy that capitalizes on a virtual reality multisensory experience for a brand… Les mer